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As I attempt to jumpstart Those Amazing Humans after a more than two week hiatus, I briefly reflect on the day back in July of 2010 when the idea first smote me in the cerebrum. As I was then I am now, a mildly retired senior hoping to supplement his Republican-threatened, meager Social Security income by using his moderate talents, sharp wit and desire to amuse. I had seen the delightful film, “Julie and Julia”, a couple of months earlier, and decided that I could blog my way to big bucks too. During the ensuing months I have succeeded in increasing my readership by badgering friends and family, alas even a few perfect strangers, into taking a look at my blog. After six months of “Those Amazing Humans” I have yet to attract the attention of that special talent scout who will help me finance the dignified retirement lifestyle I so richly deserve. What I believe I have done is improve the quality of my art work (after completing 185 sketches). Just take a look back at some of my earlier efforts and I think you will agree. That is gratifying enough to keep me at it, but at some point someone better show me the freaking money. I have committed myself to a year (365 days, not necessarily successive) of TAH, and that’s what I’m gonna do, by cracky (or by coffee, or whatever I can get my hands on).

It’s taken me the better part of two weeks to drive the length of California, the length of the Baja Peninsula, clean up and restock after the passage of the Housesitter From Hell, and host my son and his friends for nine days. Today we installed a wifi antenna which will hopefully be the last task I must complete before resuming regular daily postings. During this period I have met or resumed the acquaintance of several amazing personages. One of them is Roberto Solo, TAH, #186.

Roberto Soto, The Magic Plumber

Roberto is a genial, capable Hispanic gentleman who is a practitioner of the plumbing arts. This year he helped us repair leaks under three sinks, remount our toilet, and unclog pipes which carry away our gray water. He speaks English better than many Americans and is a great source of information about what goes on in the small community of Todos Santos and in the big city of La Paz. I believe he has lived in the states for a few years, so he is no stranger to the ways of the Gringo. I hope he will like the sketch I did of him. I hope you like it too. If I make any money from it I will be sure to give him a taste.


This is the day that we take my son, Jesse, and his friends, Josh and Alexa, to San Jose Del Cabo Airport and bid them adios after a 9 day stay. Their visit was overall a happy one. We capped it off yesterday with a trip to La Paz, a walk on The Malecon and (for Jesse and Josh) a swim with whale sharks. As I write Roberto the plumber is tackling what I hope to be the last of our trouble in paradise, a clogged pipe that was making our sinks back up. Ramon, the gardener, is reclaiming the final few sections of the yard which had languished under the negligence of the housesitter from hell. Maybe the cash hemmhorage will be staunched and we can resume our modest, relaxed lifestyle. Then I can get back to drawing and writing for my loyal fan base, “The Secret Seven” as I like to call them. You know who you are, and a Happy New Year to you all!  But I can hear the pipes gurgling so  I had better go pay attention to real life matters at hand. Be back soon with some genuine creativity.

Saint at Sunset, La Paz, BCS

Trouble In Paradise, Part 2

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I haven’t worked this hard since I was 40. Cleaning up after the housesitter from hell is a perfect way to start a vacation. Then everything after seems twice as good. Like helping Jesse, Josh and Alexa unwind after a strenuous two day thonathon in Cabo. Josh just couldn’t wait to hit the hammock. Later tonight we plan to play canasta and talk about our favorite books.

This is me on Christmas Spirit.

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This is me.

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Trouble In Paradise

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It’s taking a little longer to resume my blogging regimen than I thought. The electricidad still is not happening in la casa. So it’s internet cafe when I get a chance. Most of my time is occupied with cleaning up after the housesitter from hell who left us knee deep in garbage, with no electricity, and lots of dead plants. But I should be up and running in a couple of days. Pardon me for whining. I should still be able to appreciate the fact that I am sitting in a wonderful neighborhood cafe, listening to an accomplished accoustic guitarist, feeling the warmth of the sun, when I could be flooding in Northern California. And I do. Moe Leyder. Adios.

Postings are likely to be sporadic over the next few days as we wend our way down the length of the Baja peninsula to Casa Fisherrero for the Holidays. Once we are safely ensconced and I have established some kind of internet connection I will try to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, don’t hurt yourself shopping and have yourself a spiritually motivated, joyful time this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kool Kwanzaa, whatever spirit moves you.

Congratulations to Sonoma County's Tom Waits for his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tom waits for no one.