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Rough draft, not likely to get any smoother.

The Godfather of Gore.

Wikipedia: Herschell Gordon Lewis (born 15 June 1929, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.) is an American filmmaker, best known for creating the “splatter film” subgenre of horror. He is often called the “Godfather of Gore” (a title also given to Italian director Lucio Fulci) though his film career included works in a range of exploitation film genres including juvenile delinquent films, nudie-cuties, two children’s films and at least one rural comedy.

With the nudie market beginning to wane, Lewis and David F.Friedman entered into uncharted territory with 1963’s seminal Blood Feast, considered by most critics to be the first “gore” film. Because of the unprecedented nature of this type of film, they were able to cater to the drive-in theater market which would have been inaccessible with their prior skin flicks. Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964) and Color Me Blood Red (1965) followed the same formula. The full-color gore on display in these films caused a sensation, with horror film-makers throughout the world becoming eager to saturate their productions with similarly shocking visual effects.


She is the only reason I watched more than one episode of the “Enterprise” Star Trek series.

Trek babe.

Jolene K. Blalock (born March 5, 1975) is an American film and television actress and model, perhaps best known for playing the Vulcan T’Pol on the UPN science fiction series Star Trek: Enterprise. The star of several feature films, she is a regular guest star in television films and series.

Landing a role in Enterprise was Blalock’s biggest break, and she described it as a dream come true. She admitted she was excited at being a newcomer to the series:

We’re really fortunate. More than 100 people are working together on this every day and we haven’t had one argument. It’s incredible. I’ve had bad days in my personal life, but it’s always a joy to go to work. There’s also a sense of immortality that the show gives you, that you’re working on something that will never die, that your contribution will last for ever. That’s a very special feeling.

Blalock said of the original series: “Spock was Star Trek’s real sex symbol. People always assume it was Kirk, but they’re wrong.”

Dear St Louis Cardinals,

I am old enough to remember the Cards when Stan the Man played. Listened to Dizzy Dean call the games back in the 50s. It’s a great franchise. Now it’s up to you to b**ch slap George Bush and the Rangers, uno mas por mi. My Giants did it last year. This year it’s up to you. Go Cardinals!


Grandpa Mongrel