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Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days but things just keep coming up. And not the constant activity and entertainment that was the stuff of so many blogs south of the border. Routine stuff that keeps busineess as usual going but does not necessarily lend itself to compelling blog reading. Last night I got started on a comic I had planned to finish this morning. Then I got a call from L and L. They need me, they really need me. So off I must go, leaving Aldo in his comfortable box for a couple of hours and you readers with this unfinished drawing.

I will finish this up after I get back, but for now you get this exclusive, behind the scenes look at how an unpaid amateur senior artist works his magic, a little at a time.


Let sleeping dogs lie, n'kay?

Gail thinks I should do a childrens’ book about Aldo, but in some ways he’s much too PG13 for that demographic. I suppose I could downplay the humping thing without compromising my artistic integrity. And feature his more endearing qualities. A puff piece on a cute little dog. But that’s been done so often. Maybe I should leave the humping in, be edgy, controversial, sell more books. I dunno. Whatchoo think? If it’s to be a “day in the life” approach, there’s going to be a lot of sleeping. (see above)

Walkies 2

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Here are a few scenes from our walk today:

Crossing the bridge

If tulips grew on trees

The barely rushing river

Ring around rosies

"If you don't know how to do it, I'll show you how to walk the dog."- R. Thomas

Since this blog-comic has a Mister Rogers theme, I thought I would honor his spirit by debunking those horrible internet rumors about him. He may have been incredibly dull and mild for my tastes but I always knew he had the best of intentions.

If you think Mister Rogers had a secret violent past, including multiple successful assassinations as a sniper, sexual predations and more, please read what Snopes has to say on the subject:

Blogging isn’t my only creative outlet. I also visit schools and do art projects with, and draw pictures for, preschool age kids. Occasionally I write down a dozen or so ideas for sticker or badge slogans and mail them in to my friend, Jim, at “Duck and Cover”. Occasionally some of these slogans are printed on a sticker, magnet or pin badge. Here are a few examples from a recent batch. Please pardon my explicit language, all you young and impressionable folks.


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We haven’t done much in the way of ogling the natural beauty of our NorCal environment since we got back from Todos Santos. Too much energy devoted to just getting back to bizness as usual. But today I managed to catch Gail before she got too relaxed after putting in her shift at the school. I talked her into going on a scenic drive to the coast. The scenic drive begins at our house and ends at the breathtaking Sonoma Coast. We saw sea lions, blue herons, lots of cows with Spring babies. Topped it off with a cup of coffee in Jenner, and one last gander at the Pacific as the sun was setting.

Here are a few shots I framed out of my Flip Camera videos.

South of Goat Rock, Near Jenner.

Holey Rock

Inviting Chairs.

Brick Mandala Segment