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Inspired By Monty Pythons “Upper Class Twit Tournament”


I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since Jerry Garcia left the mortal plane and entered the immortal plane. If he were still with us he’d only be a couple of years older than me. I first saw him live at a place called “Thee Image” in Miami. It was also the first time I met a guy named Panama Red, so the converted bowling alley with the long-ass rooms and low ceiling provided a unique environment for my initial exposure to “Dead” music. The walls were ablaze with the obligatory black-lit psychedelia. The patrons were likewise lit with the psychedelia of choice and in full hippie regalia. Some were even dressed like policemen (or were they actually cops?). I recall feeling paralyzed for a long time as I established some kind of silver cord bonding with the musical aura that was emanating from the stage which appeared to be at the end of a long tunnel. Then I started to move, and the rest is history.

Happy Birthday (August First) Jerry! Love ya bro’.

To be honest I was never what you’d call a Dead Head, although I did go out of my way to see the group a couple of times. Once I nursed my decrepit VW van to the hinterlands of upstate New York (1970) to a big meadow in the middle of no where, only to wait for three hours for the Grateful Dead to show up to no avail. Then there was the time I ingested two tabs of orange sunshine a couple of blocks from “Winterland” only to find when I reached the venue that JG was sick and the show had been cancelled. I got my “Dead” hit from records after that. I most enjoyed Jerry when he was collaborating with Merle Saunders or David Grisman anyway. But, bottom line is I did enjoy his guitar artistry, his singing, his overall style, and I do miss him.

Damn right he plays The Blues!

Here’a a link to “Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues”, featuring Buddy with John Mayer:

I have the right to remain silent, but…

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I just thought that since Beatrix Potter’s birthday is July 28th and I like badgers, that I would run this again

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Actually I’m not so much concerned today with Beatrix Potter as I am with badgers. She just happens to be one of the many authors who have featured badgers as main characters in their works of imaginative fiction. I wanted to find some way to post an Amazing Human and relate some exciting news I saw on facebook concerning those vicious, short-legged mammals so beloved by Potter, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl and Kenneth Grahame.

I’m going to copy and paste below a status report from a facebook friend that got this whole badger bedlam started. First was simply the report that she had found a badger under her car last evening. I plied her for more details and she responded:

Right here in Forestville!! A huge one. I had never seen one before and wasn’t even sure what it was. It was close to midnight and one of our house guests was…

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This is the set where Rex The Wonder Dog does his flaming cabin baby rescue scene.

I’d live here if the ocean was on the other side of the mountain.

Rex and Rosie don’t get along.