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We had a most excellent day at the zoo today. It was every bit as much fun as I expected. You can’t go wrong with three recent birthday girls, several (7) other bonus beauties, and only two handsome guys. Oh, and some interesting animals and ice cream. Oh, and a steampunk train ride.

Of course I took lots of pictures. Let’s start with some animals.

Penguin tries to lose his shadow.

Koala yawns.

Flamingo balances.

Plain-clothes Gorilla.

Now for some humans.

Pre-cupcake birthday huddle.

Narnian Princesses, Stella and Athena.

The J and K Railroad.


I have a lot more pictures, including copulating mandrills and more grandkids and beautiful wimmenfolk, but I am plumb tuckered out from walking and driving. Gail is already snoring away in the master bedroom of the mobile mansion. Think I’ll join her to fill in the base line.









Around 9:30am several large clusters of cyclists whirred by our mobile mansion which is situated only about 7 or 8 metres from Hwy 116. For most of the morning after this, smaller groups, pairs and singles passed by on their way to the Cazadero leg of the Gran Fondo cycling extravaganza. Supposedly ex-baseball great, Barry Bonds and actor, Patrick Dempsey, were among the brightly colored bikers who traveled the scenic roads of Western Sonoma County as participants in famed cyclist Levi Leipheimer’s annual event. They went by much too fast to discriminate a celebrity from a joe blow.

I took my little flip camera to the roadside and capture a few of those early clusters. If you are a cycling fan you might want to use the link below to access the youtube video I took. It’s only a couple minutes.


                Voter registration fraud claims singe GOP

(CBS News) Revelations that the Republican National Committee urged several states to hire a consulting firm that submitted potentially fraudulent voter registration forms in Florida are continuing to cause embarrassment to the Republican Party.

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday his group had cut ties to the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, citing “zero tolerance” for voter fraud. “This is an issue we take extremely seriously,” he told CBS News. “When allegations were brought to our attention we severed all ties to the firm.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that the RNC urged the state GOP in seven swing states to hire the firm, despite the fact that the man who runs it, Nathan Sproul, has been accused of running firms that have destroyed Democratic registrations. Sproul told the newspaper that RNC officials asked him to set up a new firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, so that his efforts would not be linked to those allegations. The RNC has reportedly paid the firm at least $3.1 million via state parties.

Read about the whole sordid mess here:


I would want people to visit me if I was incarcerated.

We packed Rhiannon’s gift (fire pit), and some food (watermelon, guacamole, corn) in the truck, and took off for Rhiannon’s home in Santa Rosa. Hard to believe, but it’s her 36th birthday. Brother Jesse arrived  a little after us with tri-tip and oysters. We got a late start so by the time the fire pit was assembled and Jesse and I got back from our search for wood, it was dark. In a short time we managed to feed the sheep, paint some faces, watch a beautiful sunset, dine outside, and celebrate the natal day of a wonderful daughter.

B’day Bouquet

Li’l G On the Fence

Stella and Aldo On A Swing


Moms work assembling while Grandpa documents.

Rose face

Fire pit in action.

Stella dines by candlelight








How Rosie got her big break.

Fritz Is Soused. Call the Stand-In.


More Rosie art.