Roadhouse Rumble in Todos Santos

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t want to start any unfounded rumors, but Saturday night the quiet little town of Todos Santos looked as though it had been taken over by bikers a la Marlon Brando and The Wild Ones. We had heard that La Garra Sports Bar and Restaurant was hosting their Third Year Anniversary Party with two bands with only a fifty peso cover. We thought that sounded like an excellent entertainment value and since the food is good there we headed in that direction for an evening of dinner and dancing with friends, Bruce and Christine. A quick drive by startled us with the prospect of the place completely surrounded by motorcycles, I’m guessing close to a hundred bikes filling every parking space for blocks.

Bluish Knight Rider

Bluish Knight Rider

Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against bikers. They deserve to have a good time like the rest of us. But even if the place had been surrounded by Airstream Trailer enthusiasts it would have been enough to discourage me from trying to buck the crowd for service. The oscillating lights denoting an active police presence didn’t do anything to encourage us so we looked elsewhere for fun and food.

Our next destination was The Distillery, a new place that our friends recommended. An added bonus here was the big screen showing of an NFL playoff game between the Packers and the Vikings and we found a table that afforded the guys a good view of the game. That night the menu was limited to burgers and fries. They were quite good, but the star of the epicurean firmament this evening was the micro-brewery specialty of the house served in a space-age “pitcher”/dispenser that kept the excellence of the beverage chilled and served with the push of a lever. I forgot the actual name of the brew after several glasses but I do recall that the word “peyote” was used to describe it. The doorways of my perception were opened, I can remember that much. We met the proprietor, who was charming and funny, but I can’t remember his name either. I do recall enough to be able to tell you that this will be a good place to watch the Forty-Niners play those same Packers (who beat the hapless Vikes to advance in the playoffs) next weekend.

Friends, microbrew, burgers, fries, football, heaven.

Friends, microbrew, burgers, fries, football, heaven.

The "thing" that dispenses peyote beer.

The “thing” that dispenses peyote beer.

When the “hallucinatory” beer ran out we wandered aimlessly down the street till we got To Hotel California. There was absolutely nothing shaking here, so we did a quick cruise of the premises and continued our odyssey for cheap thrills, but not before glomming onto some nice new furnishings at la hotel beautiful.

Lamp Uno

Lamp Uno

lamp dos

lamp dos

By now the town was giving up the ghost and we were beginning to realize that we had already had the good time we were looking for and it was time to head back to our respective casitas.

One further note: when I tried to get in touch with a friend, Larry Crowson, whom I met last year at The TS Music Festival, he returned my email with a message that he had started a new business venture. Oh wonderful synchronicity, guess what the venture was. Twas the very place we had spent a couple of happy hours that very night, The Distillery.




  1. May many more Towers of Baja Brewings -Peyote be in your future. I can’t thimk of a better way or place to spend some time. Our normal menu is the BEST Mexican food in Baja.


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