International Women’s Day Quiz

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Okay, nobody and I mean NOBODY, was brave enough to take the IWD Quiz challenge, but here are the answers for all you shy guys and gals.
First column from top: Ella Fitzgerald, Maria Montessori, Ruth Handler (invented Barbie) Second Column: Delphine Redshirt (Lakota Writer), Queen Lilioukalani, Eartha Kitt Last Column: Carole Lombard, Wangari Matthau, Twyla Tharp.

Back when I drew almost exclusively “Those Amazing Humans” celebrity drawings, a good many of them were women. I am going to reprint a few of them here without names. Let’s see how many you can put a name to. I realize some of the difficulty of this quiz may be as a result of my drawing deficiencies, but you get what you get. I will give the answers tomorrow.
For an extra special bonus I am including a picture of my daughter that I drew when she needed a job. Well, she’s doing a good job now, a single Mom, working at a challenging school and raising two beautiful and talented daughters, Stella Mae and Opal. Below her picture you will see a poster that I stole from facebook depicting women of the world getting the job done.

  1. tlynch says:

    I just got back from Safeway with flowers, card and goodies for the three girls in ny life (9-48-72)

    Love this you and you’res!

    Tom Lynch

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