Jinx Or No Jinx, Or Just More Sturm And Drang About Nada

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Gail advised me not to put this drawing up because it would jinx our chances of finally freeing ourselves from the limitations of the Telcel stick (Banda Ancha Movil) which for the last few years has been the only way we can get an internet signal at home. The stick provides for the most part reliable service limited to email, blogging and facebook. But even the slightest streaming activity uses up the allotted gigabytes so quickly you find yourself back at the store begging for more and planking down another 500 pesos. And the gigabytes are not always available. Sometimes the gigabyte stage gets robbed on the way to Todos Santos or Donald Trump needs them all for his own personal use. It’s just a frustrating thing to deal with.

Just last week we contacted a gentleman who has antennae scattered around the area from which he supplies customers with unlimited streaming, a strong signal and a reduced monthly charge when you are not staying in the area (a great benefit for snowbirds like us. So Gail believes that if I commit supreme technological hubris and start celebrating too early, as in my comic, that electro-calamity will befall us and we will go back to stone-age internet service or something even worse. So this is a test of the power of superstition and the validity of her “jinx theory”. Lee, the nice English chap who offers the service has set up an appointment to hook us up this Thursday. If we are hooked up successfully and are enjoying a streaming Netflix movie on Thursday night, I win (actually we both win). If something goes wrong, the signal is weak, the modem isn’t compatible, or some other unforeseen variable throws a monkey wrench into the works, then I become a staunch believer in the “Jinx theory”.

It all boils down to a cranky old gringo wanting his first world toys in a third world country, so whatever happens I should just shut my mouth and find something to do that answers the needs of my new adopted community and enriches the lives of my new friends and neighbors. And I’ll do that as soon as I gets my Jon Stewart.

Hook Me Up, Buttercup.

Hook Me Up, Buttercup.


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