It has been three weeks since my brother-in-law, Roy Guerrero, passed away. I thought I had stowed away all my grief and emotion and moved on. But today I was looking at some comments by Roy’s friends and family on Linda Mathiesen’s (Roy’s wife who lives in Copenhagen) beautiful tribute page on facebook, “Roy’s Adventures”. As I read Linda’s comment to my daughter, Rhiannon Smith-Guerrero, about the time they had spent together and how my granddaughter had told him “I love you Uncle Roy” about a hundred times as they were riding in the car, the flood gates opened up again. I decided to finish off a sketch I’d started a week or so ago when Linda made a request that I draw a picture of Roy as she and her girlfriend’s child, Dorte, had fantasized him. Evidently Roy was an aficianado of all things cosmic, including UFOs and extraterrestrial life, so they thought of him whirling through the galaxies and finding the planet where God lived. This is the best I could do. Hope you like it Linda.

The Truth Is Out There.

The Truth Is Out There.

  1. Teri says:

    Let’s keep the channels open in case Roy can tell us what he finds. A charming picture, Michael… very hopeful, reassuring & loving.

    • Linda Mathiesen says:

      Thank you Michael, you made me laugh, and so happy to see that drawing, thank you so much. I can´t wait to hear from him in my dreams, and he tell me, ´there is life on the other planets, I told you so´. Or, ýou can´t imagine how big it is out there, it is just mind-boggeling´. We watched a LOT on TV about all that stuff… you can imagine, also about 2nd world war, but that is another story……. Thank you Michael.

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