Adventures Around Every Corner

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday was interesting in that before we even reached our destination (Farmer’s Market at Baja Beans in Pecadero) we ran smack dab into a video crew shooting a music video for a Canadian Country trio called “Belle Starr”. We encountered them on the back road parallel to Juarez, right in front of Casa Bentley. I took a picture of the lead singer:

Belle Starr?

Belle Starr?

…and her crew:
I hadn’t heard of the group before so I looked them up on youtube and came up with another video of these comely lasses singing about their spittin’, chewin’, cowboy lover. It was nice and smooth and sassy in the right places. See what you think. I look forward to finding the new video shot in our fair village soon.

We did a lot more stuff I have documented on photos I will be happy to show you later today, but I hear the missus calling me to our next activity in real time.

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