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When I first moved to the Russian River I lived in an old apartment house owned by an eccentric* gay artist. He was a wonderful, funny, huge man that had a head that resembled some of the pre-Colombian art that he collected. His partner was also an artist who had had one man shows in Palm Beach and New York, sold lots of paintings for big bucks. He confided in me that the frame was often seventy five percent of the deal in selling his paintings. People were looking to hang something that fit in with the decor of the room where it would be displayed and the frame was a major consideration for them. If I ever paint anything I will be sure to remember that.
Here are two photos I took on our walk today:
Which do you prefer?

*His name was Allan Williams and one of his eccentricities was to projectile vomit on command, which my friends and I would beg him to do. We were probably more eccentric than he was. I can’t for the life of me remember his partner’s name. If anyone else was around at that time and remembers, please let me know.


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