La Reina de Tamales

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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One thing I will miss when I am far away from Todos Santos are the tamales made by this gustatory goddess. I was too shy to ask her for her name. When you meet someone who is this accomplished at what they do it can be intimidating. I will forever remember her as La Reina de Tamales, because not only is she beautiful but she makes the finest tamales in Baja, possibly in the whole world. And she sells them from a little table across from the fish market on Militar, or today I caught up with her next to The Distillery where I first met her husband, Manny (lucky dude). If you are still in Todos Santos you must try these tamales. Then you will know this is not hyperbole, this is La Verdad.

La Reina de Tamales

La Reina de Tamales

The Queen and her King.

The Queen and her King.

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    It’s 7 months later, we’re back in Todos, been here for over a week, and still haven’t caught up with La Reina de Tamales yet. Since we returned to Monte Rio back in April, Alma (her real name)has gone from being a street vendor to having her own restaurant, called “Almas” just off Militar across from the fish market. The one time I went by happened to be the day the restaurant was closed. I am determined to get it right, preferably today.

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