Don’t Fence Me In, Plus “I may already be a weiner!”

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today’s blog reveals two hitherto unknown facets of my fascinating personality. Firstly, I hate math.
And secondly, I occasionally enter contests and sometimes I even win one. On facebook the other day I saw an appealing promotion on the KRUSH (my favorite local FM radio station) facebook page. They asked participants to send in a picture of their ugliest shoes and the single most ugly pair depicted would win a $100 gift certificate for some new foot wear at Rain Song Shoes in Santa Rosa. I have an ugly pair of Tevas that have served me well for about fifteen years and in which I am still well pleased. They are currently my yard work/take out the trash shoes of choice. So I took a picture of them a few days ago, sent it in, and today was notified that my shoes were ugly enough to win. Personally I don’t think they are THAT ugly, but they are photogenic.

  1. Jack Bertram says:

    Congratulations on those award winning shoes! They’ve got character.

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