And The Winner Is….

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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teeth Hey kids, the wait is over. A winner has been declared. The judge has deliberated long and hard over the submission and has decided that there is no better person to receive the winner’s prize in The Mongrel4U Coloring Contest 2013 than budding senior artist, Mickey Fischstik (69), from Twistenschaudt Falls, Pensylvania.
The Grand Prize, half of the Greyhound Bus Fare from Twistenschaudt, Pennsylvania to The Mobile Mansion del Mongrel, nestled in the blackberries of Mundo Weirdo, California. There he will literally “walk a mile” in Mongrel’s prize winning “ugly shoes”, change the nectar in the hummingbird feeder, pay the EZ Flush man, look for bargains at the Groinville Safeway, and a slew of other grandfatherly activities, for AS LONG AS HE CAN TAKE IT! Now don’t you wish you’d entered? This could be happening to you.


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