Those Amazing Humans, #12: Mike Krukow

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Anything I can do to turn this season around for the San Francisco Giants, including reblogging fan material from past seasons, is on the table. There is no superstition too irrational, magic mojo too strange for our desperate situation. Not while there is still hope.

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Mike Krukow is a part of the most awesome sportscasting team ever assembled to represent the daily exploits of a Major League Baseball team, period. Having been a baseball fan for 60 years, I should know. We in the Bay Area are so blessed to have this group. All we need is a team worthy of their skills. And it may happen again this year if the Giants can beat the Kryptonite whammy the other division competitors have over them so far.

Giants fans are familiar with Kruk-isms, and “Grab some pine, meat!” is one of his most popular. This is usually articulated emphatically after one of our talented pitchers has humiliated an opposing batter with a particularly final change-up, or high heater.

This may be difficult to explain to soccer fans or non-sports types. The place where the players on a baseball team sit when not actively participating in…

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