Those Amazing Humans, S2 #6, Colin Kaepernick

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

In honor of Mr. Kaepernick having the best selling T-shirt of the NFL, and in recognition of his other recent exposure to the American public. I reblog this entry from November, 2012

Mongrel4u's Blog

Yes, I was one of those who complained and advocated for the ouster of Alex Smith during the Dark Ages of Niner football. He was either making bad decisions or being thrown around like a rag doll (due to deficiencies in our offensive line I admit). Now that our O-line has been rock solid for a couple of years, there are a lot of quarterbacks who could succeed when given this quality of protection. Alex Smith had a wonderful year last year and a good start in 2012, and most Forty-Niner fans were well satisfied with his performance, but still the doubts lingered. Was he great enough to get us to the next step, The Super Bowl.

It is becoming clear that at least one person is not sold on Smith’s abilities to get us the trophy. And that person is an important one, indeed. He is the coach of…

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