I watched a few minutes of Soylent Green today. It’s Charlton Heston Day on Turner Classic Movies. For a 1973 bit of speculative cinema this one did a pretty good job of predicting our present day problems: overpopulation, global warming, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, resources dwindling. Computers were strangely absent and electronic devices looked crude, wardrobe was a little strange, but overall the film holds up pretty well. I think if the Republicans have their way and cut Social Security, the suicide parlors for old folks won’t be far behind.

  1. bill walsh says:

    Oh a brighter note, I have been sayin, for years now, that we need convert some of the worthless people on our planet into food for the merely hungry

  2. Pat says:

    storyboard that idea and make it into a graphic novel though I would suggest naming your detective Richard Stiff. And if he’s with MRPD who’s the chief, Baxman?

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