Child’s Play?

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Our friend, Iker, called us the night before to give us a heads up about a play for kids that he was involved with and that it would be staged the following morning at 10:30 AM at Marques de Leon Theater in Todos Santos. We were there in time to squirm in our seats with anticipation right along with the two busloads of kids in attendance.

Then the theater got dark, really dark. A fluorescent globe spun into view capturing the eye with it’s bright colors. A narrator’s voice and soft music introduced a scene with a beautiful sea turtle laying its eggs on the beach. The turtle was soon joined by a young girl, dialogue and songs followed. Other visual delights included a giant parrot fish, a graceful jelly fish, schools of rays, fishermen in a boat, a chorus of little turtles, all done tn bun-raku puppetry style (the japanese style of a puppeteer dressed in black, against a black background, manipulating large puppets with their hands or rods) with the added eye appeal of black lit, fluorescent other-worldliness.

Both Gail and I, as educators, have taken a lot of children to a lot of productions for kids, I’ve even organized a couple of puppet festivals with first rate professional puppeteers. Although I speak very little Spanish I could tell that this was a tale about the fate of the sea turtle and recognizing the necessity of living in harmony with other species for the survival of all life on the planet. It was a first rate eye-popping production with great vocal and visual talent, pleasing music, and a show of considerable craftsmanship. I will try to add the name of the play and the people who produced it later. I am afraid some details got lost in translation.


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