I can not claim to be Barrack Obama’s greatest fan these days, although I did vote for him twice. But I think making a mistake trying to do the right thing trumps making a profit on the wrong thing every time. This day and age a president should be judged on what they didn’t do rather than what they did in the name of the American people. It is difficult to get anything accomplished when the forces that oppose you do so unconditionally.

  1. My problem with this administration…well, one of them anyway (we won’t get into drones or maxing out the intrusions on citizen’s privacy rights) is the sheer incompetence & insularity that leads to debacles like the web-site rollout & just hands more ammunition to the opposition. It is the equivalent of Clinton “not having sex with that woman” when he knew the republicans were dying for something, anything to break him down. The only thing Obama is really good at and shows true passion for is furthering his own ambition. His people were tech wunderkinds when it came to promoting his 2 election bids, no breakdowns there. I am particularly disgusted with this whole deal because I have no healthcare whatsoever. I think his greatest accomplishment was getting elected, an event of singular historic importance. Since then he has done nothing to fulfill that promise. Even the touted social changes he has overseen (ending DADT, for instance) have come only after the country itself had already made the leap. He is numbingly middle of the road. Come to think of it, f@*k him. Grow a pair, Barry, maybe try ending the war on drugs.

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