Thursday I had the privilege of seeing a dramatic presentation of a children’s story, “Tortuga a la Vista!”, by author, Rocio Maceda Diaz. (Please see blog entry, “Child’s Play?”, Nov. 14th) Saturday I had the honor of meeting the author and her friend, Paleobiologist and Paleontologist, Luis Alberto Herrera Gil, at Cafe Brown in Todos Santos. After delicious Huevos Rancheros prepared by Iker Algorri Camacho we discussed her work, the recent production staged at Teatro Manuel Marques de Leon, and her plans for a new story whose main characters are a humpback whale, a mermaid, and a team of young marine biologists. It is another tale grounded in natural science and concern for the environment but with an added flash of fantasy with the inclusion of the mermaid. We also discussed the possibility of me doing the illustrations for her new book. I showed her the incomplete dummy book for “Rosie at the Rialto” and several of my color blog entries to what I perceived as a favorable reaction. So we will wait and see if the project is a go. Even if nothing more comes of our meeting I had a very enjoyable encounter with a talented and highly motivated creator, made new friends and shared a delicious breakfast.

Below are depicted the cover of Ms. Diaz book and accompanying CD which also serves as the soundtrack to the dramatic presentation.
Here’s our good friend, Iker, posing with some of the puppets he manipulated and some of his fellow puppeteers.

Senora Diaz (author) and Iker are second and third from left.

Senora Diaz (author) and Iker are second and third from left.

  1. Jack Bertram says:

    Very cool, man.

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