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I had such a wonderful day on the trail of the wild hummingbird today that I want to share it with you. Once again I must apologize for my poor Flip camera which does the best it can, poor thing. I awoke bright and early as I have for the last few Fridays since I started participating in the citizen scientist hummingbird study. Stepping outside the casita my eyes were greeted with a typically beautiful Baja sunrise.mornview1mornview2mornview3
After a ten minute ride I reached my destination, a site near La Cochora Beach adjacent to the water treatment plant. Here I roam around the dunes where the hummingbirds roost on the thorny bushes near the red flowers they like. I got pictures of two different species today Xantus and Costas, roosting and in flight. I will include the photos quickly because I have to take flight myself directly to help my friend Gordon put up a short wave radio tower.flight1flight3roost1flight4

  1. Korie Shokmalli says:

    Michael, these are lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! Exciting to know there are more kinds of hummers than the annals and allens.

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