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The truth of the matter is since we’ve been back in the Mobile Mansion I cannot get my computer to connect to a scanner. The “old” scanner is only a couple years old and we tried for hours to hook it up to no avail. Since I received a contribution from a patron of the arts I impulsively took off to Santa Rosa to buy a new scanner at Best Buy. When I got home with the new one and installed the new software neither Gail nor I could get a connection with it either, so now I’m thinking it’s the computer that’s at the root of the problem and not the scanners. There are no easy solutions. I am so desperate I am still posting art using my flip camera and the results are pathetic, but I am a driven, obsessed cartoonist, so I must carry on. Tomorrow I fear I must consult a computer expert and spend the rest of my small artistic endowment no doubt.


Along The Way

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I don’t have any pictures of the really exciting parts of the 1500 mile drive from the tip of the Baja peninsula to our other home on the Russian River, Monte Rio, CA. There was getting lost in Ensenada, almost getting smashed by a fire truck, nearly going out of control trying to avoid killing a dog, driving through thousands of runners limbering up for a 5K run, and 17 hours of driving on performance enhancing (but legal) substances to arrive home at midnight 2/24/14. But I do have a random assortment of views captured along the way.
Here’s a kind of blurry shot of a truly spectacular moonrise experienced on our last day at the Cerritos Beach in Pescadero before we left.
We spent our first night on the road in Loreto. Here are some scenes from our walkabout before settling in at our motel.
Turistication In Progress
The next day we made it to Santa Rosalia where strange mouldering remnants of a defunct copper mine provide a curious contrast to the beauties of this coastal town.

The Freddy Krueger Memorial Home For Wayward Teenagers

The Freddy Krueger Memorial Home For Wayward Teenagers

Somewhere in the middle of Baja.

Somewhere in the middle of Baja.

We decided to cross the border at Tecate. The last time we crossed here we had one car in front of us and the whole process took about ten minutes. Evidently the secret is out about Tecate. This time we were at the end of a quarter mile line with vendors, steep hills and a ninety minute wait. Here is a scene featuring Mr. Burpomr.burpo at the border‘s (look in the background).

Yes. We are back, after many exciting and fairly dangerous adventures. Back to a freezing Mobile Mansion. Back to restocking the larders and shopping at Safeway. Back to a huge stack of mail to look at and recycle. Back to diminished electronic capabilities. The scanner is playing hard to get. It seems to happen fairly often when scanners are left to their own devices for long periods of time. So once more I have to resort to using the wrong tool for the job. Out of desperation I have photographed my art work with my flip video camera to bring you the first new installment of Aldo and Me in over a week. I hope the wait hasn’t been as uncomfortable for you as it has for me. It has been really difficult for me to trade my comfortable routine and the fun of drawing for endless driving through rugged terrain. Not that there haven’t been special moments along the way. But more about that later; I do have some interesting photos to share.



Like Me Or I Will Bark You To An Early Grave.

Like Me Or I Will Bark You To An Early Grave.

Okay everyone who gives a rodents tush, the reason why I haven’t been doing a strip every single day recently is because I’ve been working on a project. My friends (and touring rock and roll troubadours) Jewels and Johnny Nation, were kind enough to ask me to do a cover drawing for their new CD entitled “Outdoor Boogie”. I had to put in a few hours to get it done before we head back to The River. But I am very happy to say I delivered it to them today and they were pleased with the results. Hope you like it too. They promised to get in touch with us when they come to our area and we will keep our driveway open for them anytime. They actually played at the Blue Heron last year and camped in the lower parking lot. You can see them on youtube and they have a facebook page too. And attention club and restaurant owners: they are real crowd-pleasers and have a huge repertoire of both original and cover tunes.