Super Bowel Diversions At The Distillery.

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We went to The Distillery, Todos Santos BCS, to see the epic struggle of the NFL’s most explosive offense against the NFL’s stingiest defense. When that did not transpire, my attention drifted to more inspiring and exciting visual stimuli, most of my focus was on the stream of magic elixir trickling into a big jug, far from the annoying hoots of Seahawk fans behind me. The people who put the “still” in Distillery were at it again making moonshine as only they can, with a congress of cool-ass tubes, valves and bowls that look like the happy mating of an alto saxophone and a hookah. At the end of the last tube there is a wondrous jug that seems to draw in the colors of the tropical splendor which surrounds us as it receives the potent nectar of the gods that has circulated through the complex system of tubular transport to its delightful destiny. Needless to say this was infinitely more appealing than the ritual disembowelment of the Denver Broncos on the flat screen a few feet and a whole world away.

  1. I wanna drink the stuff in that last picture, long as it doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

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