My Day Job

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Okay everyone who gives a rodents tush, the reason why I haven’t been doing a strip every single day recently is because I’ve been working on a project. My friends (and touring rock and roll troubadours) Jewels and Johnny Nation, were kind enough to ask me to do a cover drawing for their new CD entitled “Outdoor Boogie”. I had to put in a few hours to get it done before we head back to The River. But I am very happy to say I delivered it to them today and they were pleased with the results. Hope you like it too. They promised to get in touch with us when they come to our area and we will keep our driveway open for them anytime. They actually played at the Blue Heron last year and camped in the lower parking lot. You can see them on youtube and they have a facebook page too. And attention club and restaurant owners: they are real crowd-pleasers and have a huge repertoire of both original and cover tunes.

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