Yes. We are back, after many exciting and fairly dangerous adventures. Back to a freezing Mobile Mansion. Back to restocking the larders and shopping at Safeway. Back to a huge stack of mail to look at and recycle. Back to diminished electronic capabilities. The scanner is playing hard to get. It seems to happen fairly often when scanners are left to their own devices for long periods of time. So once more I have to resort to using the wrong tool for the job. Out of desperation I have photographed my art work with my flip video camera to bring you the first new installment of Aldo and Me in over a week. I hope the wait hasn’t been as uncomfortable for you as it has for me. It has been really difficult for me to trade my comfortable routine and the fun of drawing for endless driving through rugged terrain. Not that there haven’t been special moments along the way. But more about that later; I do have some interesting photos to share.


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