Going To “Nebraska” To Get A New Scanner

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The truth of the matter is since we’ve been back in the Mobile Mansion I cannot get my computer to connect to a scanner. The “old” scanner is only a couple years old and we tried for hours to hook it up to no avail. Since I received a contribution from a patron of the arts I impulsively took off to Santa Rosa to buy a new scanner at Best Buy. When I got home with the new one and installed the new software neither Gail nor I could get a connection with it either, so now I’m thinking it’s the computer that’s at the root of the problem and not the scanners. There are no easy solutions. I am so desperate I am still posting art using my flip camera and the results are pathetic, but I am a driven, obsessed cartoonist, so I must carry on. Tomorrow I fear I must consult a computer expert and spend the rest of my small artistic endowment no doubt.


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