Big Holiday Promotion Push

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This Easter Holiday Season I’m asking all of my friends and fans to spice up your lives with a little mischief for art’s sake. I got this idea from my friend and fellow creative genius, Pat Nolan, when we were attending a poetry reading headlined by his wife, Gail. He said something to the effect that ” stencils are all the rage now, what with Banksy and his ilk repopularizing the medium”. The subject came up because some years back I did a few stencils of common household items for his collection of poems, “Fundamental toy poems”. I am an even more accomplished artist now so it just stands to reason that I could create stencils that would put Aldo and Me smack dab on the map of artistic treasure.

This is where you come in. Just print out the stencil below on an 8.5 X 11″ piece of card stock. Then cut along the dark lines with an exacto blade. Buy two cans of spray paint (a light color for dark surfaces and a dark color for light surfaces. Wait till the wee hours and tip toe through town spraying stencil images on sidewalks and telephone poles, stop signs and shop walls. Please do not do this in the Guerneville/Monte Rio area as I am well known here and will be a prime suspect. Thanks for your efforts.

  1. stephen gross says:

    Fucking Brilliant! Maybe I should publish it….I’m mean it’s like Breaking Bad, right? Just a harmless little thing that morphs and evolves like a malignancy. First it’s a few shop doors or sidewalk space and the it shows up on cars – on the trunks where you and A. can be watching traffic as your mark is rolling down the road. But you eventually run out of cars and then….and then you notice there are dense forests all around loaded with trees, most of which have trunks. And white paint is cheap,,,,! We need to talk.

  2. Arrow Olesky says:

    Someone did a stencil in front of the shop about police brutality.

  3. mongrel4u says:

    I think I may have seen a similar one in front of the library. Whoever did it must have been in a hurry. It was done in reverse and all the text was backwards.

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