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I learned alot about “Sparky” (Charles Schulz’s nickname)from this book: his early influences, when Snoopy began to think for himself, how long Lucy has been pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, and most interesting, how strange some reactions to his work are. Below you will see a letter from a racist reader.
And here is a link to a blog I did on him a few years back.

  1. Oh yeah, love the stylin’ on this one! Simplicity rules! And a minimum of crosshatching.

  2. Teri says:

    You make the most adorable Charlie 🙂

  3. Edward Tubridy used to take his kids to the ice rink in Santa Rosa, and regularly had coffee with a guy he met there. After several visits and conversations someone explained to him who his new friend, Sparky, was.

  4. Shawn R. Britton says:

    Ah, great strip (as always, MF). Those Peanuts collections are the best!
    Happy Birthday, Michael. Them Gypsy fortune tellers don’t know nuthin;.

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