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Peter Holt (before)

Peter Holt (before)

Peter Holt (after)

Peter Holt (after)


Once upon a long time ago, in a parallel universe, there was a young man named Peter Holt. He came from far away Texas to the sleepy little village of Monte Rio, ‘neath the towering redwoods, by the banks of the Russian River, with his wife Cheryl, to start a new life. Twas the innkeepers life they sought, a merry existence providing quality victuals, entertainment and shelter for the discerning traveler. What better location to live out their dreams could there have been than the historical old Village Inn. The place was historical for at least two or three reasons: it had served as a brothel for Bohemians of yore, it was the on location site for scenes from the hit motion picture “Holiday Inn” (1942) starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire (The film won a Best Song Oscar for “White Christmas”, by Irving Berlin), and it was reputed to be haunted.

They put their considerable skills, impeccable taste, and no small amount of cash into establishing this quaint antique venue as a return destination for a wide variety of travelling folk. And for a while they succeded admirably (in all ways but financially).

In this universe I was a bartender cum graphic artist cum court jester. I mixed drinks (poorly), dispensed high-quality bulldada (skillfully), and made menus, ads and signage (adequately).

There was a lively spirit of camaraderie among staff at the Inn, and lo, the line between business and social life did become blurry. Yet the status of the business continued to improve and the reputation of the Inn spread throughout the Kingdom.

It was said of young Peter, in thse days, that he had sprung from the loins of true Texas deity, the very Holt family whose scion, Benjamin Holt, had developed the first practical caterpillar tractor tread some 100 years prior. Either he was shunned as a black sheep by senior members of this Holt Dynasty, or he shunned them, I can’t rightfully remember which.

In that universe the entire process (Peter and Cheryl take on the Village Inn, hire me, I work there, we become friends) seemed to last a long time, but it was only a couple of years. I was an ignorant but happy member of their entourage, and I enjoyed the rollicking, sometimes strange, “Family” existence. But this idyllic enterprise ran head on into the Great One-Hundred Year Flood or Valentine’s Day Flood of 1986.

Late one night when the flood waters had mostly receeded, I joined young Peter, both of us depressed yet somehow wildly euphoric in the wake of one of the area’s greatest disasters, standing ankle-deep in devastation that was the Village Inn Dining Room. A chaotic, end of the world ambience had subsumed the former quaint rusticity and coated it with a patina of mud. We didn’t know whether to cry or break down cardboard boxes and use them to slide back and forth on the slick and silty floor. We chose the latter.

Peter, for a while, after his innkeeper lifestyle (and marriage) had come to a catastrophic conclusion, shared an old duplex (formerly a church, St. Rita’s in Camp Meeker) with my wife and I. It seemed somehow appropriate since Peter, who had obtained one of those mail-order ordination certificates, had married us with a little ceremony which took place at this very site in 1979.

Then Peter disappeared. It was rumored that he had returned to Texas as the prodigal black sheep of his family and assumed the mantle of Princedom that was rightfully his by birth. I tried writing him a letter a few years later but it was never answered.

In this universe in the year of our Lord, 2010, there is a Peter Holt. He is the owner of The San Antonio Spurs NBA franchise and several other sporting enterprises. He has won awards for his executive prowess and heads a number of philanthropic organizations as well as serving as CEO of HOLT CAT, the largest caterpillar dealership in these United States.

He looks a little bit like the Peter Holt I once knew in a parallel universe so many years ago, for a fact. But…nah, couldn’t be.

  1. Teri Foster says:

    Bizarro story about Peter! I kinda remember him at the VI, but not you…. more bizarro. Not quite as weird because we knew the boy had talent: I spotted Morgan Spector on the 1st dvd of season one of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”. Check him out:

  2. HOLY FUCK!!! Peter Holt is THAT Peter Holt? Last time I heard from him he called me on a New Years day early morning in the late 70’s – post Village Inn – and wouldn’t identify himself (even though I recognized his voice) and yelled about how we should get together and do a LOT MORE DRUGS!!! Fuck, I liked him better then.

  3. Is your timeline correct? In my reality (I was VI bar manager when you worked there) we were all sold as slaves en masse to Kurt Vitter by Peter in the late 70’s, loooong before the 1986 flood. There were many other floods that swamped the Village Inn. By ’86… aw hell with it.

    • mongrel4u says:

      See what I mean. The story is definitely better with the 86 Flood. In my reality Kurt Visser, who slept in a coffin, had almost been sucessfully repressed. But I stand by the veracity of the rest of the article. Probably should have given you props for being BM though. You definitely taught me everything I know about bar tending. We still have a piece of antique furniture he gave us in lieu of paying rent. If he ever runs for public office I…aw hell with it.

  4. And what does Morgan Spector have to do with anything?

  5. mongrel4u says:

    I guess he’s the only other person from Monte Rio who has achieved fame at the national level. I’m not entirely sure about Ms. Teri’s stream of consciousness on this one.

  6. mongrel4u says:

    You have to be correct about the time frame. I had been working at RCCS for 4 years when the 86 flood happened. I’m just too lazy to dig up the actual date of the real flood in question. Seems like we had one just about every year til 1997.

  7. Bruce Bodenhofer says:

    Wow Peter back in the day could’ve played Dickie Betts in an Allman Brothers bio film.

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