Aldo and Me Become Curriculum Cut-Ups

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Back in March I drew an assemblage for anyone who was so inclined to print, cut out, color and join together with metal brads or string. Didn’t really expect anyone to follow through and finish the project. I consider myself lucky if someone reads my blog, much less goes to the trouble of making an “Aldo and Me” inaction figure.

Imagine my surprise when i opened my e-mail today and found this:

That’s right, a bunch of kids at “Loving and Learning Center”, under the guidance of Owner/Director/Head Teacher, Teri Jane Foster, who no doubt wanted to open their eyes to the fine arts, assembled these quirky creations. I hope they had fun. This may be the closest I get to immortality, so I’m having fun.

Just to show you the original blog and illustrate how much better an artist I am than these well-intentioned but puny children, cast your eyes on this reprinted evidence. I hope I can inspire the youngsters of course, but it’s the old folks I’m reaching out to. You are never too old to become a mediocre cartoonist.



  1. Teri Foster says:

    It became painful even to me to keep poking brads through your pants hole (an awkward placement) so I taped the rest of them for the kids. They are very proud of their Teacher Michael collection.

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