Study: The Effects of Extended Exposure to Graphic Violence On the Sleeping Patterns Of Small Dogs

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Following is a bit more about Anson Mount and “Hell On Wheels”.

Anson Mount is the lead actor in “Hell On Wheels, which happens to be excellent, a gritty retelling of how honkies forged their way West as they laid the rails for the dreaded “iron horse”. It is gritty (a la “Deadwood”, realistic, with finely drawn characters and epic action scenes. I just finished the first season on Netflix.

I think I first noticed Anson Mount in a movie my wife was watching called “In Her Shoes”. His name caught my eye and jogged something loose in my mental archive. I knew someone from the past with that name. After much pen chewing and other memory-enhancing strategies I recalled that there was an Anson Mount whose writing I had followed during his long time stint as sports editor for “Playboy” (see, I don’t just look at the pictures). And guess what, we all went to The University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee. I’m a few years older than Anson, the elder sports writer, who passed away a while back at the much too young age of 60. I graduated in 1966. The younger Anson in 1995. Both of us were active in drama while at Sewanee. He probably even got to be in plays with girls. The college didn’t go coed till many years after I left. I was in Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros”, Mankewitz “Bespoke Overcoat”, and “Julius Caesar” (member of the crowd, with 2 lines). He went on to be a hunky, successful actor. I went on to be a hunky, successful Early Childhood Educator. Currently I am an old geezer trying to write and draw his way into your heart. Are you feelin’ me?


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