Everything Is Broken, With Apologies To Bob For the Mutilation

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Every so often you will go through a period where things all seem to break at once. Whenever I mention this, it seems that Mercury is in retrograde so Mercury must make fairly regular incursions into the Retro Zone. During the last 72 hours a toaster oven, my glasses frames, the hose that brings water to the Mobile mansion, our wifi signal have either succumbed to the pull of the void or been severely compromised. And I’m not even counting the hot tub failure last month and the handle to the faucet in the kitchen sink that cracked off in my hand last week.

Is it any wonder that i am reminded of the old Bob Dylan tune, “Everything Is Broken”? I clipped some relevant lines and used them in today’s comic. If you see Mercury tell him his mamma wants him at home.

EPSON MFP image 


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