On The Road Again

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Dear readers, we are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Tomorrow morning we will depart the Mobile Mansion for our other home in Todos Santos, Baja CA Sur, Mexico. We are not sure what we will find there other than the few pictures of our casita and grounds that we have seen (courtesy of our good friend Iker). It looks pretty devastated by the series of storms that affected the Baja Peninsula this Summer. I am not even sure I have a functioning scanner there, so this is likely to be the last comic strip I’ll be able to post till I can reestablish the Command Center South. The cement pillar on which our wifi antenna was attached blew over, so that may be another area of concern. I will try to post some pictures and tales of our progress as we motor down the peninsula. Wish us luck. Hasta luego.


  1. Jewels Nation says:

    Buena suerte and safe travels, Mongrel & Gail! Let us know how things go on your drive down and what you find when you arrive. We face a lot of work when we get there, maybe you can give us some input about what is available down there and what isn’t – in terms of materials, tools etc….that way we can bring what is most needed for everyone, including you!

    Hasta luego, amigo ❤

  2. Have a safe trip. We’ll be checking the blog for updates from the Wholly Trio in Todos. Maybe your hardships be few (next to zero) and your joys abundant.

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