The following comic strip is based on a true story. As a matter of fact it happened last night after the disastrous Giants game. We had returned to the casa and noticed that some of the lights we had turned on before we left had gone out, possibly because of a short power outage. We attempted to navigate the long approach to the house by the light of a pale crescent moon and Gail’s tiny flashlight. I had scooped up Aldo so he wouldn’t wander into anything sharp or prickly and was close enough to the house to see the one light that had stayed on. Distracted by the light I was not watching where my feet were leading me and I tripped over a pile of poles and wire. I gave Aldo a toss before I hit the ground and shredded both legs on the debris. I won’t be wearing shorts for a while because of my new Frankenlegs.



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