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I realize this post and the next to follow have lost some of their freshness but it’s not my fault. The papilleria where I am getting my comics scanned to disk was doing a weekly computer maintenance yesterday when I went in. But I do hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving and boycotted Black Friday.



Aldo has written and will perform for you here today, his first blues song. This song is based on the old blues song “Little Red Rooster” done by the Stones and everybody else at one time or another, and is entitled “Little Gray Gecko”. He had some difficulty coming up with a representation of the sound a gecko makes. Some people claim it is a kissing or smooching sound, but that did not fit his rhyme scheme, so he decided to go with chirping. At any rate the sound is a part of life here especially if you live in a house with a palapa (thatched) roof.

blues healer


A couple of nights ago we were awakened by very high winds with gusts up to 45 MPH. This is no big deal to someone living in a well-fortified house, but if you are residing in a tent surrounded by big umbrellas for shade, it is cause for alarm. Billowing, tugging, flapping, whooshing along with sounds of unknown articles falling down noisily outside, tinkling of broken glass, all contribute to a feeling of unease that does not permit sleeping on the job. This continued through the night and well into the next day. The pop-up gazebo tent we have on the patio blew off, dragging a couple of heavy metal chairs along with it. Umbrellas were also relocated. So I commemorated the event with the comic below.