To Plea Or Not To Plea

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Uncategorized
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“Aldo and Me” has not become famous yet, but we know it is just a matter of time till we are viral, collectible and sought after all over the globe. For a fifty dollar donation to our GoFundMe campaign you can choose an original comic strip drawing from over four hundred we’ve done in our fourteen month existence, signed sealed and delivered postage free. For a thousand dollar donation I will fly to your house and draw your dog and the rest of your family too. (Offer good only in the contiguous United States.)

Seriously folks, we’ll do anything (legal) to get our little chunk of paradise back together so we can enjoy our remaining decade or two (if we’re lucky) in one of the most wonderful places on earth. If you want to know why we feel this way about Todos Santos “Pueblo Magico”, make a one hundred dollar donation and we’ll get a room ready for you as soon as we can get Casa Fisherrero in top notch shape.

Here’s the link to our GoFundMe page

We had definite reservations about resorting to what amounts to internet begging to realize our dreams but we are unable to come up with the six thousand dollars we feel would be necessary to meet the comfort level we hope to offer our friends and family who visit us. But we are unwilling to let one big storm blow away our retirement dreams..


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