Tis The Season

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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  1. Francis M. Bass, Jr. says:

    Mike, I am glad you found an outlet for your creativity. At Sewanee, you were just one step behind Sam Pickering in you delivery of brilliant humor. Best wishes, Fran Bass

    • mongrel4u says:

      Muchas gracias, Senor Bass, If there was any Hall of Fame at Sewanee whose corridors I might prowl it could only have been Comedy. My academic career was pretty much a joke of my own making. Fun while it lasted though. If you look way back in my archives when I was doing “Those Amazing Humans”, I did tribute portraits of Andrew Lytle and Shirley Majors. As I was telling Tom Scarbrough, I often have dreams of Sewanee.. Speaking of archives, a worthy person at Sewanee, I think her name was Annie, sent me copies of all the Mountain Goat Magazines in which my art appeared. Talk about school spirit.

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