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Posted: April 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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EPSON MFP image*I want you to know that we do not routinely plunge the girls and Aldo in front of a TV for child care. WE carefully planned five days of activities including “Eye spy” checklists to acquaint them with flora, fauna, and roadside attractions along the way, we have oodles of craft and art materials. So we were loving and learning all the way down the Baja Peninsula. Since we’ve settled into Casa Fisherrero we’ve begun “home-schooling” every morning with lessons in math, reading and writing. But sometimes you just want a little “Me time” to get your drawing on.

Since we started coming to Todos Santos almost 10 years ago we have tried just about every way imaginable to get our wi-fi hook-up: internet cafes, restaurants, bad antennae, TelCel dongles, and phone line. Since we joined Baja Connect a year or so ago we have had to look no further. They offer reliable connection for my blogging and social media experiences and a huge library of movies from old classics to recent academy award winners. We depend on our wi-fi connection for all our electronic communication and entertainment and it is great to know that a solid connection and immediate personal customer service are always there.

About Baja Connect:

In 2008 Baja Connect was created with one DSL modem and one wireless bridge to provide Lee and his neighbors, whom primarily used internet for email and to check in with family members while they were visiting the Baja. Since then, the telecommunications industry and technology has advanced and nowadays it’s common for people to operate their entire business via internet. Baja Connect has advanced as well and now has 2 offices with 25 business class bonded DSL lines and over 30 wireless access points as well as centralized support and billing departments. We have 80% wireless internet coverage from Elias Calles to Agua Blanca.

Baja Connect is a small but dedicated company that is evolving with the rest of the world. We are doing our best with the resources we have and are happy to serve the communities of Baja and connect them with the rest of the world through advanced communications and entertainment services. We promise to learn as the world learns and bring that service to the flourishing communities of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Contact: 612 348 4029


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