The Day After the Day of the Iguana

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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This was a really full day. Lots of visits from friends. A new kid on the block. Mobilization for the long trip to the site of the protest against an ecologically disastrous gold mine. The long trip over bumpy dirt roads. The demonstration. The long trip back. Getting lost. Finding our way. Threading the Previa through a herd of cattle (Opal counted 45). Having empanadas, burritos and quesedills at Cheko’s on the way back. And here I am pecking away at bedtime just before I show you my latest addiction: iguana watching.

The delightful iguana couple has set up shop in the concrete block wall between us and our neighbors. They seem to have chosen this place because of its proximity to our compost heap. Today Freda (Opal’s name for the female) struggled with a big strip of mango peel, dragging it up the sheer face of the wall. Just before she reached the safety of the ledge it slipped out of her grasp and fell five feet back to the ground. Diego (Opal’s name for the male) regarded the whole scene from his regal perch on top of the wall. I regarded the whole scene from The Media Command Center which happens to afford a sheltered blind where I can ogle reptilian lifestyles to my heart’s content. This is what I saw. I think I will probably color this one up  bit later.



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