Mucho Lucho

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized
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 First Panel:It’s the epic battle between Senor Medusa and Aldo The Bolt; Second Panel: Senor Medusa is using his “Sit and Spin” move, The Bolt is in trouble.; Third Panel: This bout is rigged. The artist has an unfair advantage.

  1. Stephen D. Gross says:

    Scram Gravy, Yraton Cajos Mammy Yokum, Downwind Jackson , the Katzenjammers, Smokey Stover – they got nuthin on you. What are your plans for this collection you’re amassing? Thinking of publication? I can’t self-publish on line anymore but they choose or ask for articles for the Sunday print edition (as well as printing on line). I think you should publish a book of ’em. I may be able to make it happen. Who knows?

    • mongrel4u says:

      Stephen, I am setting a personal goal to publish a book or comic book of Aldo and Me Greatest Hits (not that title of course) by September of this year. Pat Nolan has been very supportive and is helping me to get familiar with the process of getting into print. Of course I would love to have an agent who could get me a deal so I wouldn’t have to worry about how I’m gonna come up with a thousand dollars for printing my first 100 copies.

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