Roadside Attractions, Casa Fisherrero, Todos Santos BCS

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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When we first moved into Casa Fisherrero we found traces of an ancient civilization whose ways and structures defied our understanding. The cinder block altar/oven seems to predate the brick ovens commonly used for baking bread and pizzas but seems to have no real functionality. I have tried to use it for barbecuing meat on a couple of occasions with mixed results. I suspect it served more of a ceremonial function in the past possibly for burning animal sacrifices.

The very large dish was discovered when we were clearing away a dense jungle of vegetation from a corner of the property. After clearing away the thick choking vines which had throttled the dish previously we hooked it up to an old 13 inch television we found covered with dust in the garage. For the first couple of days we were able to pull in a grainy black and white picture on four different channels. In each case the programming had the feel and rhythm of contemporary sitcoms with a liquidy guttural sussuration in the background that we equated with a laugh track, but this is all speculation since the “actors” were  all gigantic, free-floating air-borne “jellyfish”. After a while the picture deteriorated into snowy nothingness.

The artifacts depicted in the last panel are a fishbone sign (turquoise background and white bones) and a bronze fishbone wind chime. Both of these items we had given up as casualties of Hurricane Odile, along with our roof and several other structures on  the property. The sign was found by the workers when they were redoing the palapa on the garage. It was buried under the remains of the old roof. The wind chime Gail found while gardening. It was concealed with thick ground covering plants.

We suspect that Casa Fisherrero may be located over a “mystery spot” or alien landing site and as the excavation continues we look forward to uncovering more unexplainable anomalies.




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