Baja Connect T-shirt Design Black and White.

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Here is the inked in version (almost finished) of the first drawing for Baja Connect. Tomorrow I will try to finish the other one. Victor Sossa, our contractor, saw what I was working on and asked if I could come up with a logo design for him.  So maybe I can do enough labor exchange to get a few more jobs done on the casita. Maybe I could draw for fish tacos, body work on the two Toyota Previas, dentistry, gardening. The possibilities are endless, in my mind anyway.



  1. joanna Spinoza says:

    Did I miss something along the way? What is Baja Connect about?

    • mongrel4u says:

      Baja Connect is our internet service provider. We have been hooked up with Lee George (owner/operator) for a couple of years now. For years we had trouble getting internet in Las Brisas, no phone lines available, TeCel plug in does not provide affordable streaming, antennas that failed, etc. We heard about Baja Connect from a woman who sold yoga clothing at Farmers Mkt, La Esquina. It is initially expensive because of the hardware, but reasonable when you consider it is our source for entertainment, contact with family and friends, readers and clients, news and community information. Lee is a nice fellow originally from UK who lives in Pescadero.
      The equipment he installs includes a dish, hence the sombrero/dish on the character’s head in the picture.

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