Water, Water, NOT Everywhere

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago I did a series of comic strips devoted to my concern for the effect the huge Tres Santos development plan will have on our water-scarce community and its fragile coastal biosphere. I received this comment from Drew Wilson representing Colorado State University (the benificiaries of considerable donations of land and buildings from developers, Mira and Black Creek).

Hola Michael, My name is Drew, I represent CSU Todos Santos. I’ve been following your blog and comic strip. I appreciate your passion for this community and admire your dedication. We have a lot to learn from residents, that is why we are here, in fact. I’d love to hear from you some time and get your input. Perhaps you’d be willing to hear about our intentions as well… Looking forward to some dialogue with you… Drew   

Here is one of the comic strips from that series. In it Aldo has consumed one of his power biscuits which turn him into his alter-ego, “All-Dog” He deals with the problem directly and forcefully while I embrace diplomacy.



Here is my letter to Mr. Wilson. In this scenario I will play Dennis the Menace.

Dear Mr. Wilson,
I am sorry that I have taken so long to reply to your encouraging letter a couple of weeks back but I have been trying to attend local meetings to sound out what others have to say on the subject. The community meeting regarding the current problems with water  was particularly interesting. It was well attended but the preponderance of the attendees were ex-pats. There is a lot of confusion about who gets what from whom, and though three water agencies were represented on the panel, the most influential/powerful, ConAgua, was the elephant not in the room.

Everyone was pretty much in agreement that there is not enough water now. The fact that big construction projects around town have been consuming large quantities was duly noted. But my casita has been without any water for three days running on two occasions in the last two months, and this is not a rare occurrence, even when there is no construction going on.

I voiced my concern about the effects of a desalination plant whose briny discharge could disrupt the delicate food chain of our coastal biosphere. My answer from the expert who represented a concern who operates similar facilities in Los Cabos was essentially, we take out all the dangerous chemicals in the process, do you really think this small amount of salt reintroduced into a big salty ocean will make a difference? My answer, probably.

My question to you would be: Would CSU take a strong stand against development if their independent research indicated it would be unsustainable and/or potentially hazardous to local inhabitants, flora and fauna?

I hope you have read the excellent article that Skyler Leonard wrote for your “Collegian”. He covered a lot of my concerns about an institution of higher learning’s involvement with megabuck developers.

I would also refer you to Truth Santos’ Facebook page. There you can find articles and opinions and point by point objections to Tres Santos talking points.

I dream of a time when we can welcome the educators without the developers riding their coat tails. Maybe this is the time.

Best regards,
M. Fisher

  1. Great reply, Michael.
    What, after all, is a beach but a desert next to an undrinkable body of water?
    You are very calm about all this. I mean, more than Aldo-zilla.

    The letter from the University of Colorado pimp is so transparently “can’t we all get together whilst we crush you beneath our greed?” that I am really glad I’m not involved in that fight. We’re busy here in New Orleans (where we are friggin’ drowning in rain) watching gentrification – and a “Bio- Medical Corridor” that replaced block after block of historic neighborhood – raise rents, reduce available housing, and relentlessly NOT raise wages of those who were here for generations before I arrived. Meantime murders happen almost daily, shootings, muggings, robbery, rape on a daily basis.

    A friend here posted, “If a place is going to be dysfunctional shouldn’t it at least be cheap to live there?”

    The Greedheads will have their way with us, I’m afraid. They look like the desalinated wave of the future, provided there is one.

    Just be glad you live in Mexico and not some Papa Doc Caribbean fever dream like here. I myself, wouldn’t live anywhere else.


  2. Teri Foster says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Michael and Gallivan! Our future depends on it. If we don’t stop this nonsense now, when we migrate to a new planet it will happen all over again. 😦

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