Art Imitates Life And Then Warps The Little Jimmy Dickens Out Of It

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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First I will tell you the true story of a little old man and his wife who were desperately trying to change a flat tire to make sure their old van was operational. With a hurricane approaching this could be critical. But try as they might they were unable to loosen the lug nuts to get the flat tire off. Feeling weak and dispirited they returned to the casita and shelter from the swelter. The old fellow slogged to the fridge, swigged a few swallows of bubbly water and collapsed into a chair.

His lovely, much younger wife called their friend, B—- for assistance. B…., you should know is a prince of a fellow, very strong, and the possessor of many arcane mechanical instruments. In an hour the little old man and the littler old woman would be clapping their hands with joy as a sweaty B…. tightened up the last lug nut on the spare tire. “Whoever airgunned these things on so tight should be prosecuted.” B…. said. He exclaimed a lot when he  tried to loosen them earlier using what I think he called an extortion bar. Granted, this is a wonderful story of a friend ready to help on a very hot day with a very difficult job. But this is not the stuff of today’s entertainment. There has to be more action and special effects now so I have used my 0071 License To Thrill in the comic below. No animals, human or otherwise, were really given special biscuits during the production of this comic, and it still turned out OK.




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