Water: The ?Dialogue? Continues. Comments?

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The back and forth email conversation goes on between Drew Wilson of CSU and me. I have included his most recent reply to my last letter. I would like to encourage those concerned to offer their own comments to what Mr. Wilson had to say. You can post them here as replies to this blog or on Facebook. I will gather the comments and present them to him. He has professed an interest in hearing from the community so I would like to oblige him.

Here is Mr. Wilson’s last email:

Hi Michael, all fair questions… Sorry my first answer didn’t quite cover the bases.

Like you’ve mentioned, it is hard for us to make promises around hypothetical situations, and I hesitate to speak for professors and students, so ‘ll stop short of assuring you of the university’s actions as a result of their findings. However, I do want to make it clear that the university’s studies are not censored by it’s donors. We will gladly share any learnings of what we study with Tres Santos and the rest of the community for that matter.

I don’t think the scarcity of water is news to anyone. However, subjects that revolve around intelligent ways to plan communities, and responsible water use like greywater and minimal water native plant gardens are indeed areas we are exploring for research and education.You should also be aware that we are dependent upon grants to fund that research, a process we are also currently engaged in.

We are aware of the mine and the communities priority about that subject.  In fact we have been seeking university and local experts to co-create programs as well as the funding to help educate around the subject. Again, don’t look for us at one of the rallies against that mine, or to take a side with mine for that matter. However, we do hope to be able to provide educational tools to help inform the public. More to come on that if and when funding and programming become available.

My role is communications and while I don’t control university actions, I am placed here by those “powers that be” you mention, in part to listen, collect feedback, and report on the community’s concerns. In fact, I’ve shared your letters as they are well written and respectful.  Rest assured, yours as well as the rest of the community’s concerns are indeed being heard. You can also count on our consistent communication with the community and that our actions will be transparent.

I appreciate the conversation and look forward to more. Let me know if I’ve failed to cover or answer your questions. Thanks for your support Michael.


I know this is a serious situation for all of us and emotions run high. I have to grit my teeth occasionally to keep the maledictions from escaping but more can be accomplished if we can dial back our anger and use facts and reason as our weapons. Please consider this when commenting. Please feel free to reply in English or Spanish. Google translate will have to work till I learn more Spanish.

  1. Susan says:

    Keep up th egood work.

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