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Posted: June 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I want to make Many and Alma a t-shirt and earn a bunch of their food. I could eat there every day. They have a huge menu and it is all muy Bueno!

  1. Pat Adams says:

    Those of us who are lucky enough to receive your “Aldo and Me” in their inboxes are appreciative that you are communicating with Drew Wilson of CSU and that that you are sharing your communications with the public. As you undoubtedly know, one of your cartoons and some of your comments about serious concerns about the Tres Santos project have found their way onto the website Like you, I am a part-time resident of Todos Santos. I noticed in the most updated comments by that the relationship between Tres Santos and CSU will be terminated if CSU takes any “action that materially prejudices the brand or reputation of Tres Santos.” We all know that this means that the professors working at CSU Todos Santos, therefore, will not have academic freedom. Publishing research findings that show negative environmental (e.g., water supply being taken away from Todos Santos residents; harmful effects of desal) or socio-economic effects (eg., fishermen’s livelihood severely cut back or eliminated) would jeopardize CSU’s existence.. Yet Drew Wilson has the nerve to say “The university’s studies are not censored by its donors.” It would take an altogether different university with no real estate ties to write honest research findings that people would believe. One wonders how CSU could get tax-exempt status when it is obvious that its primary purpose is to help to sell real estate for Tres Santos.

    Please respond to me here if you like. If you have time to respond to me via my personal email (provided when I submit this), there are some issues I’d like to discuss with you outside the blog. Thanks, Michael. Keep up the good work!

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