I haven’t heard from Drew Wilson, the voice of CSU, for quite a while and I am wondering if he has seen the last revelations aired by Truth Santos concerning possible conflict of interest, muzzling the scientist and student research if results are damaging to the Tres Santos brand, and other unpleasant arrangements which supposedly taint the CSU/Tres Santos relationship. It would be edifying to hear his slant on this development so that we can all have a “clear and balanced” picture of these goings on. To that end I sent this letter today. When and if I get a response I will share with you.
Hola Drew,
I was wondering if you have read the recent posting of information regarding the relationship between Colorado State University and Tres Santos on the Truth Santos Facebook page. If this information is accurate, and the author claims to have gotten it through the Freedom of Information Act, it would be a big disappointment to those who hold out hope that CSU’s contribution to our community could be more meaningful than a bauble to please wealthy Tres Santos visitors. If you are free to comment on the contentions raised in this article I would like to hear your take on this.
“There is a clause in the Trust that spells out Events of Breach providing that if CSU does not cure certain defined events within 30 days, then all of the so-called “gift of land and buildings” reverts to Tres Santos and CSU is removed from the MIRA property. A particular Event of Breach is: “any… [CSU] action that materially prejudices the brand or reputation of Tres Santos.”

Thus, CSU is at risk and would have to seriously consider the consequences of taking the described hypothetical action allowing its professors to publish findings that are contrary to the development scale of Tres Santos. This puts a black cloud over CSU and questions the integrity of professors, researchers, students and the entire CSU System — which is clearly an affront to Academic Freedom (teachers are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results). Even if CSU allowed the report to be issued, the inherent Conflict of Interest taints the work product. CSU’s Ethics website states: “A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other.” In addition to risking the loss of the land and buildings being provided by Tres Santos, CSU also risks losing over $1,000,000 (to date) of its Colorado taxpayers’ monies put into the startup, costs of an administration building and other assessed costs for the CSU Tres Santos Campus.

As for the fanfare of publicity about the magnanimous gift by Black Creek to CSU valued at $4.3 million, it just isn’t so. A gift is the voluntary transfer of property or funds to another without receiving anything of value in return and without conditions attached. Besides not being able to protect and exercise its Academic Freedom, other conditions imposed by Tres Santos include CSU being required to allow Tres Santos to use the CSU name and trademarks in its marketing; CSU being required to identify its research papers with the branding determined with Tres Santos; CSU’s Research Farm is to be designed to improve the Tres Santos open-space landscape with that facility to be kept in bloom during peak tourist season; CSU is to conduct business classes targeted to those businesses within the Tres Santos Project; and CSU programming is to be offered at discounted prices to Tres Santos guests and residents.”

The above is excerpted from the longer article on the Truth Santos Facebook page. I recommend reading the entire article.

As you can imagine this confuses me because it seems to directly contradict statements coming from both CSU and Tres Santos. Formerly I thought the presence of Colorado State University was the only bright part of this development deal. But it seems unlikely that any light can shine in a cloak of darkness.

Best regards,
Michael Fisher
  1. Teri Foster says:

    Good letter, Miguel…. have you been nibbling Aldo’s biscuits? You seem to be gearing up your super powers!

  2. Teri Foster says:

    Are the girls still with you?

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