Things We Miss

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We will be going back to the mobile mansion and our Monte Rio neighborhood in just a week or so. It always seems that just about the time you get into a rhythm here it is time to go back. Don’t get me wrong, of course we miss our friends and family in NorCal. It’s the transitions and the bloody long drive that shiver my timbers. This time is different. Our Baja stay was shorter and we are coming back in the middle of Summer instead of Spring. The weather in Monte Rio will be similar to what we are experiencing here now…HOT! We will probably be dealing with bugs there as we are here. So there are things we miss and things that are pretty much the same.

This comic strip is dedicated to  a sponsor of Aldo and Me, a long time friend, and the father of four beautiful, talented and intelligent young women. Besides being a hard working machinist and doting dad, Rob Andersen still finds time to put on some great parties, some themed, some just BBQ and horseshoes, often with movies screened in his backyard. And fortunately for the neighbors, we’re all invited to The Viking Fun Center. Hope this explains the strip and why we love Monte Rio too.




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