Mission Accomplished?

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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For authentic Mexican Food of the finest quality and a price you can afford, and a huge variety of choices, you can’t beat Alma and Many’s in Todos Santos. So I managed to get the job of designing a T-shirt for them to be paid off in Tamales, Enchiladas, Rellenos, and on and on. Us retired gringos of a certain economic group will gladly work for food and various other amenities. I could very easily eat there every day, and after all of the repairs we still need to do, that is not a possibility to rule out.



  1. This should be good for your bottom line, if not your waist line.

  2. Pat Adams says:

    AWESOME, Michael! I’ll have to get over to Alma and Many’s on my next visit to Todos Santos. Maybe I’ll meet you over there munching.

  3. Arrow Olesky says:

    Great design.


  4. Francis M. Bass, Jr. says:

    When/if I go to Todos Santos, I will certainly go to the restaurant. Recently I saw Don Crichton on the plane to Denver and we discussed you. I sent him your web address. Best wishes, Fran

    • mongrel4u says:

      That is amazing! I remember Don fondly as the guy who really got me started with music. He obviously had so much fun with it and was so talented it was an inspiration to me. It took a few years but by the late 70s I was performing in a 50s revival group that played all over the Bay Area. From then on I played harp and fronted three different groups. Never quit my day job though, heh. I hope he does contact me. Tom Scarborough dropped me a line a few months back but being on the opposite side of the continent I have lost touch with most everyone else. But, yes you should try Many and Alma’s. There are more restaurants in this little town than you can shake a stick at and a high percentage are good quality.

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