Last Transmission From Baja Sur Media Command Center: Last Art Project Finished

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s still a toss-up as to whether we will actually get all the loose ends tied up to be able to take off tomorrow. I am trying to be positive and proactive. Just finished Victor Sossa’s T-shirt. He’s coming by later and I certainly hope he likes this. If not he will have to wait till the Fall when we return, unless we can take care of things digitally.

Whether we leave in the morning or not I am packing up my art materials so anything you see on my blog for the next few days will be reruns, text, or photos taken along the long winding road to Monte Rio.

This was an interesting, atypical visit to Todos Santos: first was the trip down with my daughter and granddaughters; Spring and Early Summer were new seasons for us to visit; the entire town was reduced to dirt roads and rubble while the underground cables are put in place; then there was Hurricane Blanca; lots more construction related fun; and quite a bit more art jobs for me, Thanks to all our great friends we had plenty of fun even though it wasn’t “peak season”. Adios amigas y amigos. Hasta luego.






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